OU-PSD faction lawmaker Mykola Kulchytskiy believes that the People’s Self-Defense is helping the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko to stage a coup, as it has been supporting the creation of an ad hoc parliamentary commission for issues of introducing amendments into the Constitution.

He said this in an interview with UNIAN, commenting on the statement of People’s Self-Defense group lawmaker Oles Doniy, who spoke in favor of setting up the ad hoc constitutional commission in parliament.

“Everybody knows that the People’s Self-Defense was financed by David Zhvania. The President used to criticize him and removed him from the post of Emergency Minister of Ukraine. D.Zhvania created his project, and, sooner or later, probably, not all of them, but a certain part, will direct their activities against the President”, M.Kulchytskiy said, adding that the political project of D.Zhvania has intent to begin an “independent life”.

M.Kulchytskiy is confident that the initiative to create the ad hoc commission to work out amendments to the Constitution “is aimed at overthrowing the state regime and turning Ukraine into a parliamentary-presidential republic, with further wiping out the post of President”.

He also added that the President should pay attention to this fact, because this initiative may be regarded as a desire to stage a coup.

“The President was elected by the nation, and namely the nation granted authorities to him. Any attempts to restrict his authorities should be regarded as an attempt of coup”, M.Kulchytskiy stressed.

As UNIAN reported, on April 18 OU-PSD lawmaker O.Doniy claimed that the parliamentary group of People’s Self-Defense supported the creation of the ad hoc commission for issues of introducing amendments into the Constitution. The idea of setting up this commission has been promoted by BYuT and the Party of Regions.