путин / REUTERS

"Now Putin has thrown all his forces to split Ukraine from within. First of all, to split the Verkhovna Rada in order to hold new parliamentary elections. As soon as he sees that these goal can be achieved, he will surely try to return Donbas to Ukraine, so that its residents can vote. Due to the fact that the voters from Crimea and Donbas did not participate in last year's parliamentary elections, the structure of government in Ukraine has changed dramatically when pro-European forces received majority in parliament," he said.

If voters in Donbas are given an opportunity to vote again, it is clear that they will support pro-Russian politicians, Herashchenko believes.

According to Herashchenko, if such a plan does not work, we should expect a freezing of the conflict, as the offensive in Ukraine is the most unfavorable option for Putin, "because then he will need to explain to his army and his people the need for such an offensive. And he may have problems with that."

"This can seriously change the balance of power. Therefore, once again I repeat, if Putin really feels that Ukraine could be split from within and early parliamentary elections can be held, he will do everything in order to return Donbas to Ukraine," said the advisor to the Interior Minister.

Earlier Herashchenko unveiled the confidential documents of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, according to which the Russian Federation was planning to seize Ukraine’s Left Bank within 15 days.

However, he said, at the moment such development depend on Putin’s political decision.