Volodymyr Demekhin, chief of Kherson Oblast Council and Party of Regions Oblast Organization, claimed at a news conference for local journalists that some representatives of mass media “should be stricken heavily”.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, V.Demekhin said this, answering the request of “Our Ukraine” Oblast weekly editor Volodymyr Kosiuk to explain why he received threats from a member of the Oblast Council’s machinery. According to V.Kosiuk, an employee of the Oblast Council’s organizational department asked him two days ago: “Why do you write so badly about V.Demekhin? He used to be a colonel, he may respond inadequately to critical materials about himself. Aren’t you afraid?” (“Our Ukraine” newspaper of the f the People’s Union Our Ukraine’s local party organization used to publish many critical materials about the political activities of the Party of Regions’ local organization on the whole and V.Demekhin in particular - UNIAN).

      Answering to V.Kosiuk, V.Demekhin said: “Don’t worry. I always respond adequately to all the publications, and we will not come to blows. However, reading some publications, one understands that some journalists should be stricken heavily”.

      The Oblast Council chief also wished journalists to be more objective.

      As UNIAN reported before, on July 12, at around 12 PM, a group of supporters of the Party of Regions, together with the deputy Oleg Kalashnikov, attacked Marharyta Sytnyk, a journalist from the TV station STB, and Volodymyr Novosad, the operator.