Top Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksander Turchynov claims that decrees of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko block the government activities.

He claimed this to a press conference in UNIAN today.

“Unfortunately, the recent decrees of the President do not correspond to the authorities that he has in line with the Constitution. Moreover, these decrees not only block the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers, but, in my opinion, they do a serious harm to the reputation of our state, as well as to the Ukrainian economics”, O.Turhynov said.

According to him, the matter concerns several presidential decrees, with which he “absolutely blocked the attempts to stop corruption in the sphere of privatization, and the government’s move to launch a transparent scheme of privatization”, O.Turchynov said, adding that the matter concerns the Odessa Pre-Port Plant.

O.Turchynov noted he has at his disposal the letter of Victor Yushchenko to ex-Prime Minister Victor Yanukovych about the expediency of the privatization of this plant.

“Nothing has change in the investment policy in Ukraine, but the government changed.

As a result, the President makes decisions, contrary to that he declared being a presidential candidate, and as a President. The President’s stance cannot change depending on with who he plans to compete at the presidential election”, O.Turchynov said.