At a mass media briefing, Deputy Chief of Staff Anatoly Matviyenko said the government had spared no effort to conduct last Sunday’s elections fairly and democratically and added that international and local observers claimed there were no serious violations of electoral procedures, according to the President’s press-office.

He also said the government was ready to recount ballots at some polls if political forces could submit documentary proofs of manipulations. 

Mr. Matviyenko pointed out that policies of the President would focus on democratic changes, integration with Europe and national consolidation. Victor Yushchenko thinks Ukraine can achieve democratic results if it forms a coalition of democratic forces in parliament and believes “it is necessary to establish an efficient dialogue with all parties and particularly BYuT (Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko) and the Regions Party to settle all social conflicts.”

“Fights will lead us nowhere,” he opined.

Mr. Matviyenko said preliminary consultations started by the President last week indicated his “strong desire for understanding and responsibility:” “The President is now meeting with governors, heads of law enforcement agencies and courts to stabilize Ukraine and make the country’s course democratic.”

The deputy chief of staff also said Mr. Yushchenko wanted “this alliance to be formed as soon as possible” but thinks it should be based not only on someone’s ambitions to get this or that post but also clear-cut  programs with deadlines and guarantees. Mr. Matviyenko added that the President was going to cooperate with all parliamentary forces.

“The Head of State is trying to make Ukraine efficient and harmonious,” he said.