During the four years since the parliamentary election of 2002, the Block of Yulia Tymoshenko increased thrice the number of its supporters, the Our Ukraine Block lost almost a half of its allies, the Communist Party of Ukraine received by six times less votes, and the Socialist Party of Ukraine practically repeated its result.

Thus, according to the official results of the voting at the Ukrainian parliamentary election on 31 March 2002, the Block of Victor Yushchenko “Our Ukraine’ was the leader of the electoral race, having collected 23.57% of the votes (6 million 108 thousand 88 citizens voted for him). At the election on 26 March 2006, Our Ukraine received 13.94% - 3 million 536 thousand 459 people voted for him.

The Communist Party of Ukraine occupied the second place at the election in 2002, with 19.98% (5 million 187 thousand 74), and in 2006 CPU is on the fifth place with 3.66% (928 thousand 501).

The Block of Yulia Tymoshenko received 7.26% (1 million 882 thousand 87) in 2002, and in 2006 it came with the second result – 22.27% (5 million 648 thousand 345).

The Socialist Party of Ukraine has somehow worsened its result, compared with the year 2002, when it received 6.87% (1 million 780 thousand 642). In 2006, SPU received 5.67% of the votes (1 million 439 thousand 624).