Our Ukraine faction MP Roman Zvarych criticized the yesterday television address of Verkhovna Rada speaker Oleksander Moroz to the Ukrainian nation, having claimed that it heightens the tension in the society.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, speaking from the parliamentary rostrum, R.Zvarych stressed that the address of O.Moroz increases the tension in the society instead of calming down and looking for opportunities to remove the tension.

“I just cannot understand, how could you, Oleksander Oleksandrovych [Moroz], find grounds yesterday to state that the President is surrounded by adventurers who give him advices. It’s unclear which grounds you have to say so”, R.Zvarych said, calling on O.Moroz to disclose the surnames of these “adventurers”, if he knows them.

“Which grounds did you have to compare the today’s situation in the parliament with the situation in Russia in 1993, which finished with a tragedy namely for the parliamentarism? Which could be grounds to use such words as tanks, massacre, or tyranny, when the President has not made any steps towards this direction, and they do not correspond to the Ukrainian Constitution? What does allow to press the Head of State to violate the 15-day period, established by the Ukrainian Constitution, and demand the President of Ukraine to submit the nominee for Prime Minister without any grounds as early as today?”

R.Zvarych is convinced that these statements of O.Moroz may cause a tyranny in Ukraine. He called on the speaker to be more reserved in his actions and statements.

As UNIAN reported before, speaker Olexandr Moroz declares that President Viktor Yushchenko has no legal reasons to dissolve the Parliament and cannot embark on such ‘an adventure’, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

It followed from Moroz’s address to Ukrainian people in his Monday live appearance on the First National TV Channel.

“If we just assume that Yushchenko will issue an illegal decree on the parliament’s dissolution, the Verkhovna Rada does not bend to it. We are ready to defend the democratic rights and freedoms by all legal and, I underline it again, constitutional means,” urges the speaker.

According to Moroz, Yushchenko has a legal and civilized way out – to submit the nomination for premier proposed by the anti-crisis coalition and the provocateurs can hardly provoke Yushchenko for ambiguous moves.

The speaker also assures that Our Ukraine Bloc is in continuing and constructive talks with the anti-crisis coalition. He stresses that the coalition keeps the doors open inviting other factions to join it.

Moroz thinks that it is not Yanukovych’s nomination which is a stumble stone of todays Ukrainian policy.

“The problem is that many dignitaries do not understand that there is and there will be no absolute power. The society may progress only on the basis of compromise and the electorate’s will should be respected,” he noted.

The speaker is indignant that “the society is drawn into the civil conflict with its impatience and irreconcilability.”

“Let’s recall Russia in 1993 when hundreds of people died due to political plots. It (the dissolution of the parliament) would have been a shame for the government. Power can never substitute the law. The parliament dissolution will spark a civil conflict and lead to an unjustified tragedy which falls on somebody,” says the address.