BYuT ready to exchange early election for Yanukovych’s support

12:28, 15 May 2008
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BYuT leader Turchynov confirmed to journalists

The Block of Yulia Tymoshenko may agree to a snap parliamentary poll in exchange for adopting amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution. BYuT leader Oleksander Turchynov claimed this to TV 5 Kanal.

Commenting on statements of Party of Regions leader Victor Yanukovych about the new Constitution and the situation in the country, O.Turchynov expressed a belief that all these statements indicate the willingness of the opposition to initiate a snap parliamentary poll. O.Turchynov stressed that BYuT is not afraid of the snap poll, and could even agree to that, however, without introducing amendments to the Constitution, the new election will not give anything.

He stressed the importance of re-distributing authorities of power branches, for every branch bear responsibility for the situation in the country. “If you do not want any strong government and parliament, let us make a strong President”, O.Turchynov said, adding that the situation when one power branch bears responsibility and the other one is trying to control it, is inadmissible.

Asked to specify whether BYuT is ready to exchange the snap poll for Constitutional amendments, O.Turchynov confirmed this.

“If the opposition lays down this condition, if they say they will support the Constitution [the amendments proposed by BYuT], but we want a snap poll for that, we will be ready to do that, for the sake of a balanced Constitution”, O.Turchynov said.

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