On October 22, the Constitutional Court resumed reviewing the law on cleansing the government of corrupt officials, following protests held outside Ukraine's constitutional court, as judges inside held a session. The so-called 'lustration law' was brought in following Ukraine's pro-EU uprising last year, Ukraine Today reports.

“One needs to understand that lustration is what the public demands. This is a requirement of civil society. Now the Constitutional Court, with 50% members having a conflict of interests, is considering the appeal by judges - none of whom were purged, that is none of them were sacked during the last two years. Also the court considers the appeal by some 47 MPs, many from Yanukovych's former party, who are interested in (preventing) this procedure, because they are subject to the ban (lustration)...” said Kozachenko.

“The Constitutional Court decision… is, in fact, the last constraining factor to ensure that no 'Lynch justice' starts ruling in the country...” she said.

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