Party of Regions leader Victor Yanukovych speaks against eventual snap parliamentary poll in Ukraine, but points out his political force is ready to this move.

He said this to TV 5 Kanal on Monday.

Asked about the possibility of a snap poll, Victor Yanukovych said: “If there are reasons, there will be the election. If there are no reasons, the Ukrainian nation will have to put up with”.

“I remember a poet read at Maydan [the central square of Kyiv] in 90ies, he read poems in Russian: “The clever create history, while the nation keeps silence and cries”. We are observing approximately the same picture in our country today”, the Party of Regions leader added.

Victor Yanukovych stressed that the early election will bring no good, neither in the economics, nor in people’s lives.

“I’m against it, but we are ready to any events. If it happens that the country will not be able to live in such a state, and will need an election, we are ready to take part in the election”, he said.

Commenting on the early election of Kyiv Mayor, Victor Yanukovych assessed it as illegal and adventurous.

“Those who initiated this election will be punished by electors, they will loose votes that they had before”, the Party of Regions noted.