Photo from UNIAN

"The searches in the premises of the famous Crimean Tatar journalist,  Lilya Budzhurova, and of the employees of the ATR TV channel are yet another violation of human rights on the peninsula and another attempt of revenge on our citizens who retain their dignity and don’t accept the occupation of Crimea.

"It is also a violation of a Joint Statement, which I initiated, of 36 states declared in the framework of the 70th UN General Assembly on the situation with human rights in Crimea, temporarily occupied by Russia," said the president.

Read alsoCrimean journalist: "Don't frighten my family and my people with guns"As UNIAN reported earlier, on November 2 Russian Special Forces ransacked homes of Crimean activists and journalists of ATR TV channel, as well as of the relatives of the General Director of ATR TV channel Lenur Islyamov. In addition, a search was conducted in premises of a company owned by Islyamov’s father, engaged in passenger transportation in Crimea.