The President of Ukraine urged all political forces in the parliament “in hard moment for Ukraine to begin a process of reunion on a base of sovereignty, unity, economic reforms and guaranty all human rights”, according to the President’s press-office. At the opening of the all-national round-table meeting at President’s Secretariat, the Head of State accentuated, that it’s decisions could create a base for common political document – Universal of national unity.

“I’m happy, today we are able assemble the Ukrainian political round-table in Kyiv. There’s no need to move to Warshava or invite leaders of border countries, countries of the West. The time came, when we are able in national circle to initiate and arrange honest, open polemics”, the President said. 

Mr. Yushchenko greeted participants of meeting for readiness to talk: "I highly estimate, you understand how important be at this round table". The President also specially thanked to public leaders for participating.

Saying about meeting tasks, the President realized a hope on "honest and complete way to discuss most painful political problems".