The BYuT faction is ready to remove from agenda the issue of creating an ad hoc special commission for introducing amendments into the Constitution in exchange for replacing the Ukrainian State Property Fund leadership.

BYuT faction lawmaker Valeriy Pysarenko has disclosed this to journalists today.

At the same time, he disclosed that the OU-PSD faction delivers an ultimatum, pressing BYuT to not only give up the idea of creating an ad hoc constitutional commission, but also not to propose the candidacy of Andriy Portnov for the post of the SPFU head. OU-PSD wants BYuT to  propose a new candidacy, the lawmaker said.

“We agree not to press for creating the commission, but we will not yield to demands to revise our candidacies”, he said.

V.Pysarenko added that OU-PSD even does not want to consider the issue of dismissing V.Semeniuk-Samsonenko from the post of the SPFU head until BYuT names a new candidacy.