From 10:30 Friday, July 28 at President’s Secretariat special working group started to edit the draft text of National Unity Pact (Pact names "Universal" - Ukrainian word from history), according to the President’s press-office.

Members of working group are parliamentary deputies and officials of President’s Secretariat – Nikolay Azaroff (Region’s party), Elena Lukash (Region’s party), Petro  Poroshenko («Our Ukraine »), Roman Zvarych («Our Ukraine»), Yaroslav Mendus (Socialistic party), Vasiliy Zushko (Socialistic party), Leonid Grach (Communist party), and 1st deputy Chief of President’s Secretariat Ivan Vasiunyk, President’s Advisors – Mykola Poludionny, Ihor Koliushko, head of Secretariat’s State-Legal Service Zhanna Doctorova.

The Head of State insisted, National Unity Pact should include clear principles of internal and foreign political courses of the country.

It’s planned, the President and leaders of parliamentary fractions will finally read the draft Pact after the group finished it’s work. And than next round of all-national round-table meeting would be opened. The time of beginning the meeting will be published later.