Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Speaker Arseniy Yateniuk believes the current coalition is unlikely to be reformatted.

He said this to Inter television.

“I think that, as of today, the reformatting of coalition is hardly probable”, A.Yatseniuk said.

At the same time, the Speaker added that “in the Ukrainian politics, everything changes very quickly, and it is difficult to forecast something”.

According to him, the democratic coalition must prove its efficiency. It has all “means and methods” to do that, he added.

A.Yatseniuk believes that the coalition has been ill with “weakness”, and now “an excessive impulsivity and emotionality have added to that”. According to him, the parliament blocking did not add authority to the parliamentary coalition.

At the same time, according to A.Yatseniuk, “it does not mean that the coalition may dissolve”. In the opinion of the Speaker, the coalition should work over its internal discipline and form a new image.

“Subjective factors” from the side of the Prime Minister, the government, the President influence the coalition, Arseniy Yatseniuk said. He called on MPs to make decisions independently.