Incumbent Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy claims he waged his campaign fairly and did not use any administrative resource.

He said this at “Svoboda Savika Shustera” TV-program at Inter television on Sunday evening.

L.Chernovetskiy informed that he managed to win the mayor election in Kyiv because he is a “real Ukrainian”. “I’m a Kyiv resident, but, at the same time, I’m not associated either with those or with that. I mean, I’m like a chain between different colors of the coalition”.

At the election, Kyiv residents confirmed that he did not illegally sell lands, and that he “is not a drug addict”, L.Chernovetskiy pointed out.

In the opinion of the Mayor, the election indicates that democratic processes will begin from Kyiv. For instance, according to him, he established a direct contact with Kyivites.

"I did not provoke same feelings to people… But it never bothered me, I gave a part of my heart to Kyivites. I know that the election in Kyiv is not an election in a Hadyukino village. It is an absolutely different audience. They understand me here in Kyiv. It is important for me”, L.Chernovetskiy said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukrainian parliament called the early election after Tymoshenko accused the incumbent mayor of illegally selling highly profitable land and withholding revenue from the national budget. Chernovetsky denied it. In all, there were 70 candidates on the yard-long ballot.