President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko is confident that the democratic coalition will not split, and calls statements of Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko “morbid”. Victor Yushchenko claimed this to a press conference for Ukrainian mass media in Winnipeg (Canada) on Tuesday.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Victor Yushchenko stressed that the coalition will not split, and those, who pin hopes on it and expect they will evade responsibility, hope in vain. “I will not do you a service. People will bear responsibility for the tasks they undertook, including the Interior Minister”, the President said.

He recalled that he personally proposed the candidacy of Yuri Lutsenko for the post of the Interior Minister. “It seems to me, one should not shake his fists after he lost. You had all opportunities to promote your values, through a square, through a dialog. You know, speaking only demagogy from morning to night, and hoping that people will follow you – I think, it is a thing of past”, Victor Yushchenko believes.

At the same time, he stressed he does not want to comment on the dirty and morbid statements, and decrease to the level of politicians, who accuse him of splitting the coalition.

The President stressed that democratic values have existed in Ukraine, and will continue to exist, which has been proved at the recent elections in Kyiv.

As UNIAN reported earlier, speaking at a press conference on May 27, Yuri Lutsenko claimed that a political overturn in order to return to kuchmism [the era of former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma] is taking place in Ukraine.

Yuri Lutsenko accused President’s Chief of Staff Victor Baloha and one of Party of Regions leaders Borys Kolesnikov of masterminding a split of the democratic coalition, with creating a so-called “broad coalition”, and returning the country into the “Kuchma times”.

Yuri Lutsenko called the current processes a “state and political overturn”, and also called “absolutely evident” that President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko supports the mentioned-above Baloha-Kolesnikov plan.

“As of today, it is evident that the President supports the plan of Baloha and Kolesnikov aimed at splitting the democratic coalition. Mr.Baloha and Mr.Kolesnikov are convinced that if Chernovetskiy could buy the rich Kyiv, then the Donetsk clan will be able to buy not very rich Ukraine”, Yuri Lutsenko said.

According to him, he had a conversation with the President, who said him: “Yura, give up your policeman habits, until I’m the President, and everybody who wears a tie and enters my cabinet will not be jailed”. “They clearly said me: if I do not refuse, I will not be the Interior Minister any more”, the Minister said.