"There are many factors that contribute to this. In fact, we have fundamentally fulfilled most of the requirements," she said in Brussels on Tuesday after the meeting of senior officials responsible for visa-free issues.

According to Zerkal, currently the European partners still do not have a final vision as to the work that the Ukrainian parliament has accomplished.

"We still have two weeks, during which we have to ensure presentation of the adopted laws and hold additional meetings to discuss the results of the assessment of these laws by the European Commission. And if they agree with everything, I hope that the decision will be positive," Deputy Minister said.

According to Zerkal, the current week is also crucial, as the election of anti-corruption prosecutor is expected to be held.

Read alsoTombinski: EU needs to assess Ukraine visa liberalization bills to comment"There are issues of ensuring a transparent process for the election of anti-corruption prosecutor, and this week is crucial. There are also issues regarding the laws that have been adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, because they have not seen a final version of the amended law regarding the establishment of the asset recovery agency, and they have not seen a final version of the law adopted in respect of the seized property," Zerkal said, adding that this was the last meeting of senior officials, but an "intensive dialogue" would be continued.

Read alsoPoroshenko signs laws for visa-free regime with EUThe deputy minister also noted that the implementation of technical criteria was only the first stage, after which the Commission will prepare a report that will be discussed by the member states. The legislative procedure will be launched – consideration of the legislative act by the EU Council and Parliament, according to Zerkal.

Zerkal said the legislative process should not take "more than six months," referring to the same process that took place in Moldova.