President’s Chief of Staff Victor Baloha is not afraid of his eventual resignation.

He claimed this in an interview with “Korrespondent” magazine.

“A resignation fears me less of all. It is up to the President to decide. If he decides that Bankova Str. needs another person, I will obey his decision”, V.Baloha said.

He pointed out that the Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense bloc, as a political force, never pressed for his resignation. “However, some lawmakers crave for it, they believe all their problems are connected with Baloha”, the President’s Chief of Staff said.

At the same time, he noted he is not connected at all with conflicts inside the coalition. "Actually the problem is not me. The problem is inside OU-PSD, it will not disappear regardless of who will occupy my chair”, V.Baloha said.

He added that he already knows what he will be busy with in case of his resignation. “I will breed cows in Zakarpattya, drink fresh milk, breathe in the clean air, and will not worry about anything”, V.Baloha said.