President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko rules out any repeat election in Kyiv, and calls on the government to fulfill its duties.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the President made this statement speaking at a National Security and Defense council session on Friday.

The President recalled that the government is an executive power agency. “The power, which is executive. Calmly, but categorically, I ask and beg you to stop idle talks, to live just a day without television and without cameras, to seat at your workplace and do a bureaucratic work. Enough of manipulations with words”, Victor Yushchenko called on.

The Kyiv elections showed that “demagogy does not work”, and that the Kyiv is ruled by a political force “which does little, but at least something practical”, the President noted.

“I believe, the ethics of politician binds those who lost the election to stop shaking fists before TV—cameras, but, probably, to congratulate society and winners on termination of this process, and to become partners in meeting the needs of the society. There will be no repeat election in Kyiv. And let us not waste time, but live a normal life”, the President said.

He noted that the Ukrainian power should consolidate. He also stressed there will be no snap parliamentary poll in Ukraine.