“On 29 July, on 4:30 AM a regular round of the all-national round-table meeting in the head of the President Victor Yushchenko has finished. There were agreed almost priority questions of State development, which were fixed in draft National Unity Pact (It names "Universal" - a Ukrainian term of legal act from the history).

Participants of the round-table meeting have agreed with the President to continue it after additional consultations with the leaders of their parties, which should take place on Saturday, July 29 and Sunday, July 30”, First deputy Head of President’s Secretariat said, according to the President’s press-office.

According to him, some points of the draft Pact were required additional discussion.

For instance, political formulas of tasks of State language policy, defending the territorial integrity, building the “sobornist’ (unifying all Orthodox churches), an integration into European structures and continuing cooperation within a bounds of United Economical Space (The project of Russian Federation and some post-soviet countries). During last talks the President’s precise strategy for stability of internal and foreign courses of the country wasn’t changed.

“The President reaffirmed his position on consolidation of political forces of the country, giving non-perspective political ideas up, and reaching the consensus for resolving problems, which artificially separate the society, and also threaten State security and citizen’s prosperity and peace”, said Ivan Vasiunyk.

The President’s Secretariat works on the weekend July 29-30.