Photo from UNIAN

“Another issue that we must address today is to give an impetus to reaching a compromise on a new Global climate agreement so that it comes into force in 2020,” Poroshenko said in his speech at the UN Climate Change conference in Paris.

According to the Ukrainian president, Ukraine is actively engaged in the development of this key document.

"In our view, it should be based on several principles: first, the new agreement should be applicable to all countries; second, differentiation in this agreement must be based on a justified economic and social indicators as well as flexible and legally binding; third, it must provide market and non-market instruments to meet obligations and every country shall have equal and indiscriminate access to these instruments," said the president.

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“Last but not least, the new global climate agreement should be dynamic to promptly adapt to the evolution in the socio-economic development of the Parties, the ambition of their NDC as well as dynamics of the climate change,” said Petro Poroshenko.