From the professional point of view, none of the lawsuits against Lutsenko and Zhvania can hold any water. They will fall apart in court. From the point of view of politics, they indicate an attempt (and a very ignoble one!) on the part of the Presidential secretariat to bring Lutsenko and Zhavania to heel for their confrontation with Yushchenko. However, framing up criminal cases cannot be accepted as a political tool, no matter how the secretariat may dislike what Lutsenko is speaking about Baloha or Yushchenko, Our Ukraine lawmaker Taras Stetskiv told ZIK May 30.

The present conflict between Yushchenko and Lutsenko will end in a compromise, Taras Stetskiv believes, and no one will demand no one’s resignation. “True, the prosecutors can suspend Lutsenko from his ministerial office for some time. However, he can be sacked only given a go-ahead from Premier Yulia Tymoshenko. And she will never give the go-ahead. We must stop the prosecution being a political tool for reprisals against opponents of Yushchenko. Is it legal when a criminal case is opened based on a letter from Ihor Pukshyn? It only fuels feud in the Orange camp, in NUNS,” Taras Stetskiv says.

 Taras Stetskiv called libelous the accusations put forward against David Zhvania of allegedly bending the law when applying for Ukrainian citizenship. “I have examined case materials. It is absurd to accuse Zhavania of bending the law – the case has a political context,” Stetskiv added.