Party of Regions lawmaker Borys Kolesnikov connects accusation that as if he organized the split of democratic coalition, voiced by Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko, with the special psychological state of the Minister.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, B.Kolesnykov claimed this at a press conference in Donetsk on May 31.

B.Kolesnykov refuted Lutsenko’s accusations that as if he masterminded the split of the democratic coalition together with Baloha.

“Actually, what is a plot? If Yuri Vitaliyovych [Lutsenko] means the bankruptcy of the democratic coalition, its dissolution and creation of a new one, these are parliamentary processes, and not a plot”, the lawmaker stressed.

“The real plot is that some Ministers acted in collusion against their own nation and used budget funds for their personal aims”, B.Kolesnikov pointed out.