11:47, 06 June 2008
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The President`s Chief of Staff wants to gather 450 votes

President’s Chief of Staff Victor Baloha claims that for the democratic coalition to dissolve, it is necessary that a faction decides to withdraw from it.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, V.Baloha said in an interview to journalists that he heard nothing about the breakup of the coalition. “For a coalition to dissolve, it is necessary to gather a faction, which, with a majority of votes, must adopt decision that it leaves the coalition”, the President’s Chief of Staff said.

Asked whether he initiates creating a broad coalition, V.Baloha said that, considering the necessity to introduce amendments into the Constitution, and basing on public interests, and not on personal ones, 450 votes are necessary to support it.

“If we speak about the Constitution, it must be adopted in parliament with 450 votes, which means, it must satisfy the President, the Prime Minister, and all the political forces. So, is it a broad coalition or a narrow vision?”, V.Baloha asked.

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