Victor Yushchenko has emphasized on mass media briefing, that National Unity Pact should be a base unifying act for political forces and fix a firmness of internal and foreign courses of Ukraine, according to the President’s press-office. “The nation, as a fresh air, needs fundamental legal act, which would demonstrate, that key political figures in this country determine main national priorities”, said the President.

Mr. Yushchenko told journalists that parliamentary faction leaders would meet tomorrow morning, August 1 at round table to continue work on National Unity Pact.

According to him, today working group should resolve all differences in the draft act. «Today’s working group meeting should resolve all key problems, which we couldn’t do on Saturday night. I optimistically see on it”, said the Head of State.

The President also stressed, National Unity Pact should answer the key political questions, and political forces need to agree each other.

As said Mr. Yushchenko, at early Saturday night, July 29 1:30 AM during the discussion 99 percents of draft National Unity Pact were agreed. But than near 3:30 AM some factions decided it needs to provide additional consultations into their parties. Just because of it the round-table meeting wasn’t finished.