Ukraine's parliament will meet on December 24-25 to adopt next year's budget / Photo from UNIAN

This is stipulated in a resolution on the special aspects of the consideration and adoption of a bill of Ukraine on the national budget for 2016, which was supported by 229 out of the 336 MPs registered in the session hall on Tuesday.

The resolution outlines the procedure for the consideration of the budget. In particular, noon on December 24, 2015, has been fixed as the deadline for lawmakers' groups and factions, as well as individual MPs to table their proposals as to the bill on the 2016 budget.

The Verkhovna Rada's budget committee jointly with authorized representatives from Ukraine's Finance Ministry has been tasked to process and adopt these proposals not later than December 24, 2015.

The resolution says that the bill on the 2016 budget amended in keeping with the budget committee's proposals should be considered and passed in parliament "on December 24-25 as a whole document (unlike voting article by article)."

The resolution also foresees that after the adoption of the budget, the government "should ensure that the Finance Ministry of Ukraine formalize and register of addenda to the bill in keeping with a decision taken by lawmakers on this bill."