"It is well established that the murder of Nemtsov has nothing to do with his political and public activity. For the qualification under Article 277 of the Criminal Code of Russia (attempt on the life of a state or political figure), the murder should have been committed in order to stop such activities," the investigator said.

Read alsoU.S. Intelligence to dig into political assassinations in Russia, export of "Russian Spring"Earlier, a representative of the victims (politician's family) Vadim Prokhorov said that the investigation had also refused on the version that the reason for the murder was Nemtsov's statements about anti-religious caricatures of Charlie Hebdo.

It is worth noting that investigators earlier believed that the main motive in Nemtsov's murder was a motive of political or religious hatred.

Read alsoRussia's Secret War Exposed: Slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov's report published (Video)As UNIAN reported earlier, Nemtsov was gunned down on a bridge next to the Kremlin in Moscow late on February 27, 2015. Police said the assailants had fired several shots from a passing white car, four of which hit Nemtsov in the back. He died on the scene. Russian authorities reported the murder of Nemtsov could have been a contract killing.