Victor Yushchenko has said a national unity pact will be signed today, according to the President’s press-office.

He told journalists that “the ratification of the pact has been started and it has so far been signed by VR Speaker Oleksandr Moroz, Regions Party leader Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s acting premier, Our Ukraine leader, and the President.” Mr. Yushchenko added he hoped other political partners would join it by this morning.

“This enables me to say the much-disputed problem causing highly confrontational relations has been resolved,” he said.

The President is convinced the signing of the pact “dots all i’s in the fundamentals defining Ukraine’s domestic and foreign course.”

“Tomorrow we will officially sign the pact and I will be ready to comment on things concerning domestic and foreign policies stipulated by this document,” he promised.

The Head of State believes the agreement would help address the unity issue, for he is “sure nobody, in fact, wishes to divide Ukraine, nobody wants federalism or separatism.” Then he said political forces earning political dividends on these topics should publicly renounce them.

“I am confident there will be no discussions and contradictions we had a few weeks ago, at least in the circle of those who signed it [the pact],” he said.