Gerashchenko commented on Gryzlov’s statements / Photo from UNIAN

The Ukrainian official noted that the representative of the Russian Federation to the Contact Group has publicly repeated all the mantras of Russian President Vladimir Putin about "two parties to the conflict - Kyiv and Donetsk"; for some reason saw violations of the silence regime only  by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer battalions," although the OSCE has been recording ceasefire violations on the part of the pro-Russian militants on a daily basis.

Gerashchenko is outraged at Gryzlov saying that Kyiv does not agree with anyone its constitutional changes.

"Well, first of all, nowhere in the Minsk Agreement are there words saying that Kyiv must agree on this with anyone… It would be nice if he could at least read the text of the Minsk agreements and did not repeat after Putin all the nonexistent things," said the official.

She also drew attention to the fact that the constitutional amendments are the exclusive prerogative of the Ukrainian Parliament.

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