The BYuT faction keeps on blocking the presidium and rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, BYuT faction leader Ivan Kyrylenko claimed this to journalists today.

According to him, “we are not going to support this farce”, that is, to preserve the situation when no votings take place in parliament.

I.Kyrylenko stressed that the BYuT faction demands to return to voting on draft laws that are of big importance for “politics and for Ukraine”.

According to him, they will unblock the work of parliament only if clear agreements are achieved about giving more than 300 votes for draft laws that cancel lawmakers immunity, all lawmakers privileges, and introduce imperative mandate, to “avoid political corruption in future”.

The BYuT faction leader informed that the “political corruption” already caused the snap parliamentary poll in 2007, and may yet cause another snap poll.

I.Kyryelnko stressed that the BYuT may keep on blocking the work of parliament, until it is 30 days, after which the parliament must be dissolved.

At the same time, I.Kyrylenko informed that during the Conciliatory Council, Party of Regions faction representatives noted that they already prepare to an early election.

According to him, BYuT is also ready to an early election, “but we will not be the initiators”.