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"Abromavicius said he could return if things changed dramatically. For example, if Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin is dismissed. We were surprised. What is he to do with all this? How does it concern him? Abromavicius continued: maybe if the prime minister resigns? We asked: Who will be the prime minister then? He said, maybe Natalie Jaresko. She looked stunned, others laughed. After that, he offered to dismiss head of Ukraine's State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov," the source said.

The minister also talked about Ihor Kononenko's mandate, said the sources who stressed that Aivaras Abromavicius' statements sounded confusing.

Read alsoKononenko leaves post in BPP, dares Abromavicius to pass lie detector test. Together"The worst thing is that we were sitting in a small circle asking Aivaras [Abromavicius]: tell us the real reason, what gets your way, what do you want to achieve? The only thing we clearly heard was that he and his team have small salaries," said another minister who attended the meeting, adding that Abromavicius was talking about the intervention from the Presidential Administration in his work, saying that President's Representative in the Cabinet, Oleksandr Danylyuk, used to call meetings on Naftogaz, which was beyond his competence, but it was in Aivaras Abromavicius' authority.

"Well, it's like in a kindergarten," said the source.

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"Finally, the ministers were tired of persuading Abromavicius and decided to make a statement without him. From 19:00 to 20:00, in the office of Yatsenyuk, the ministers were agreeing on an algorithm of actions – who will speak, and what to put an emphasis on in a speech," the report says.

Read alsoU.S. State Department comments on Abromavicius resignationMeanwhile, according to UNIAN and other media, it was no accident that Abromavicius called specific names of the officials who should be dismissed.

In particular, in October 2015, it became known that the head of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov owned an apartment in London, but he had failed to specify it in his income declaration for 2014. As of today, its estimated cost is GBP 241,000. However, Nasirov denied all allegations, insisting that he had no real estate in London.

Read alsoAbromavicius has firm plans to resignMoreover, as reported by the media, in March 2015, Chairman of the State Financial Inspection of Ukraine Mykola Hordienko, who had been dismissed by Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, said that Yatsenyuk took over the corruption schemes of ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and former prime minister Mykola Azarov. Hordienko said that during the audit of Ukrtelecom's privatization, "a fact of a UAH 220 mln default on contractual obligations was proven, which was the basis for the immediate cancellation of the contract." However, according to Hordienko, Yatsenyuk has been backpedalling such cancellation.

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