Parliament finally adopts bill on e-declarations of officials

16:00, 16 February 2016

Rada adopted in first reading and as a whole bill "On Amendments to Law ‘On Prevention of Corruption’(regarding the operation of the system of electronic filing and disclosure of declarations of assets of individuals authorized to perform the functions of state or local government)" (Reg. No. 3755).

Photo from UNIAN

This bill has been amended, and the changed version was announced orally.

The amended draft law stipulates that the e-declaration system shall start operating as early as in 2016.

As UNIAN reported earlier, January 4, it was announced that the final version of the draft law on state budget-2016 there was an amendment, according to which the introduction of e-declaration of assets of the officials was postponed for one year.

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The draft law abolishing the postponement of introducing the new system was submitted to parliament  by MP from the BPP faction Vadym Denysenko January 5.

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