Leader of the Party of Regions Victor Yanukovych  does not rule out that the new format of the coalition can be created on the basis of the draft of amendments to Constitution proposed by the party.

“This issue can consolidate the definite group of the parliament members in the parliament and without any hesitation the new format of the coalition can be created on this basis”, said V. Yanukovych in the interview to Inter television channel.

He also supports the creating the permanent constitutional commission for discussion of  amendments to the Maim law.

V. Yanukovych also said that he recently signed letters to all leaders of the factions with the request to study the draft of Constitution, elaborated by the Party of Regions. According to his words, the draft is agreed and will be publicized the next week.

He also underlined that now there are no legal basis for existing of the government because there is no coalition.

At the same time, according to the words of the leader of the Party of Regions, his political force has not stopped  the negotiation process concerning creation of the new format of the coalition “from the end of the last early election”. “We are in the permanent negotiation process”, he said.

V. Yanukovych also underlined that the Party of Regions is ready  “to correct the situation in the country”. “But with whom – it is issue of the negotiations and the political process”, he added.

Ukrayinska Pravda