Lutsenko says

"Now, using sports parlance, the ball is in the prime minister's court. Yesterday he managed to formally remain in office despite losing the support of four out of the five coalition factions. So now he must take a decision: either he proposes to parliament a new cabinet with a very efficient action plan and gain support, 226 votes, or he realizes that a government without parliamentary support is impossible and steps down," Lutsenko told in Kyiv on Wednesday evening.

"He must make up his mind literally in the coming days," Lutsenko added.

Lutsenko said that "there could be no cooperation within this format of the government."

"A year has passed almost with no results on most critically important directions," he said, adding that at least eight ministers from the incumbent Cabinet should remain in the government "whichever changes were made."

"But we simply demand a detailed plan and a radical revamp of the government," he concluded.