According to him, Poroshenko met with party faction leaders on Monday, as well as with the leader of Samopomich party Andriy Sadoviy.

"The purpose of all the President's meetings with political leaders is to overcome political crisis as soon as possible. It is clear that we need a new coalition to form the new government. Its main criteria should be preservation of pro-European course and the acceleration of reforms," Tsegolko said.

He noted that there were three possible scenarios.

The first one is a technocratic government led by Natalie Jaresko "in the case of uniting of all pro-European factions" around such a government.

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"The goal of this government, like the previous one, is the acceleration of the pace of reforms," Tsegolko said.

The third scenario is the government led by another person.

"If the parliamentary forces have other candidates, let them offer and find 226 votes in the Verkhovna Rada. The President is ready to work with any candidate who will be offered by a coalition," Tsegolko said.