Strengthening the fleet

Over the two years, the Navy received two small missile ships type 21631 (Serpukhov and Zeleniy Dol), as well as a new submarine type 636.3 Novorossiysk and Rostov-na-Donu. Two submarines (Stariy Oskol and Krasnodar) are currently being tested in the Northern Fleet. There will be a total number of six such submarines, reads the report.

Just recently, the Navy transferred to the frigate of Project 11356 "Admiral Grigorovich," which is now in the Baltic Sea and will soon travel to occupied Sevastopol.

In addition to the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet (missile cruiser Moskva), the division includes escorts Smetliviy, Pytliviy and Ladniy.

Aviation in the occupied peninsula

Media report that the 37th Mixed Regiment containing two squadrons has been deployed at the air base in Gvardeyskoe near the annexed Simferopol, where the naval aviation was "evicted" from. The first squadron consists of Sukhoi Su-24M bombers transferred from the 559th Bomber Regiment, based in Morozovsk Rostov region. The second one, sporting Su-25SM, has been separated from the 368th Attack Aviation Regiment (Budennovsk).

38th Fighter Wing Regiment sits at Belbek - the traditional base of the Crimean interceptors since the Soviet era. The regiment  hosts two squadrons equipped with Su-27P, Su-27UB, Su-27SM and Su-30M2. The aircraft were transferred from various units, particularly from the 22th and 23th regiments in the Far East, as well as from the 3rd regiment (Krymsk), according to the article.

Read alsoHow Crimea turns into Russia's military baseIn occupied Crimea military helicopters are stationed at Dzhankoy airbase, belonging to the 39th Helicopter Regiment, assigned to the 27th Division and comprised of at least three squadrons, equipped with copters including Ka-52, Mi-35M, Mi-28N, Mi-8AMTSh. There are also several Mi-26’s. This regiment is almost the size of an air brigade.

In addition, air defense of the annexed peninsula was bolstered by two anti-aircraft missile regiments equipped with S-300PM systems: the 12th Regiment is deployed in Sevastopol [a former Ukrainian 174th anti-aircraft missile brigade], while the 18th Regiment [a former Ukrainian 50th Anti-Aircraft missile regiment from Feodosia] is in the rear of the peninsula.

Ground forces

It is noted that the main component of the ground  forces has been and still remains the 810th Black Sea Fleet Naval Infantry Brigade. The 1096th Air Defense Missile Regiment was added up to it, equipped with Osa-AKM systems. Also in the area of Perevalnoye, the 126th Brigade of coastal defense is based.

New units have been and are being set up in the annexed Crimea. For example, the 127th Separate Reconnaissance Team was created in Sevastopol.

There are plans to recreate the 97th Air Assault Regiment of the 7th (Novorossiysk) Airborne Division after 2020.

A Separate 15th Brigade was formed based on transferred units of the 11th Coastal Missile and Artillery Brigade (Anapa). The new Brigade is armed with anti-missile systems Bastion and Bal. In addition, the Sotka base facility was reopened, with the missile systems Utyos (3M44 Progress missiles) near the village of Rezervne.