Symonenko: America dictates its conditions to Party of Regions?

14:11, 16 July 2008
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Communists suspect PR oligarchs of promising second term to Yushchenko

Communist Party of Ukraine leader Petro Symonenko does not rule out that “Party of Regions’ oligarchs” have already offered President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko their help in his re-electing for the second term. The Ukraine Communist leader claimed this in an interview, posted at the CPU web site.

P.Symonenko stressed that CPU is ready to vote for dismissal of the incumbent government, “but only in case if we get persuaded that not Yushchenko, but parliament will supervise and be responsible for the work of government”. According to him, “so far, the President wants to destabilize the situation in the country with a new re-election of the Verkhovna Rada, [he wants] to strengthen his authorities, and, thus, to guarantee his re-election for the second term”. “I’m really afraid that oligarchs from the Party of Regions have already offered him help in re-electing”, he added.

P.Symonenko stressed that Victor Yushchenko, “with hands of MPs (including Communists)is trying to solve disputes inside the orange camp”, P.Symonenko said.

The CPU leader pointed out that the Communist party presidium has already twice discussed the current situation. According to him, they made decision that the whole “orange’ team must be dismissed. At the same time, he stressed that, considering the current situation, if Communists voted for the dismissal of government, it would be in favor of the Party of Regions, which “openly announced about its talks with the Presidential Secretariat on creating a broad coalition”. P.Symonenko said that such a coalition would be supervised by Victor Yushchenko. “We should not forget that the big business of the Party of Regions depends on the influence of the USA as well as the “orange” clans. America dictates its conditions to the Party of Regions on many issues”, he added.

P.Symonenko noted that if the government is dismissed, the parliament may be dissolved “if any coalition of deputy factions is not formed in the Verkhovna Rada during a month”. “And at present there is no opportunity to form a new coalition in parliament”, he added. According to him, considering this situation, a “Damocles sword of dissolving will hang over the parliament, and the President of Ukraine gets a cart-blanche for executing foreign policy”.

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