Russian politician faces "hate speech" probe after criticising Putin

22:40, 08 April 2016
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A newspaper editor and independent politician in Kursk region, Olga Li, is facing a hate-crime investigation after publishing a YouTube video accusing Putin and Prosecutor General Yury Chaika of failing to deal with, what she calls, rampant corruption, Ukraine Today reported citing RFE/RL.

Li accused Putin of a "criminal conspiracy" against the Russian people, according to Ukraine Today.

The response from her fellow lawmakers in Kursk was harsh. In a heated exchange, the regional Duma spokesman accused her newspaper's sponsor of leading her in the wrong direction, then going on to say, she should think of her children's future.

During the same session, Li learned that she was under investigation for "hate crimes" for allegedly "degrading the dignity" of government officials. If convicted, she could face up to two years in prison.

It's not the only criminal investigation against Li. She faces libel charges over her newspaper's publication of the corruption allegations aimed at senior officials. Even her physical safety is at risk.

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