"Indeed, Mr. Yatsenyuk will not be remembered for any great contribution to the normalization of relations between our two countries, and he will also not be remembered for any contribution to the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. I am referring to the situation in the southeast of the country," said Peskov.

"Anyway, the most important thing for us is that there is signature of the Head of State under the Minsk Agreement. We still remain hopeful that Kyiv will fulfill its obligations," he said.

Read alsoBiden thanks Yatsenyuk for partnershipPeskov said that he would not want to "read the tea leaves" on the issue, for how long the implementation of the Minsk agreements will be delayed in connection with reformatting of the Ukrainian government.

"We believe that a change of government, a change of the head of government should not impede what has been stalling for more than a year," said the Kremlin’s spokesman.

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