Presidential Secretariat says Zhvania ”helped Yushchenko dinner with poison”

18:23, 23 July 2008
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Pukshyn comments on Zhvania`s interrogation

Deputy President’s Chief of Staff Ihor Pukshyn assesses the refusal of Member of Parliament David Zhvania to testify in the Prosecutor’s General Office on the case of poisoning of Victor Yushchenko as an impudent move violating the criminal-procedural legislation of Ukraine.

According to the President`s press-office, I.Pukshyn called inadequate and unacceptable the reasons due to which D.Zhvania refused to answer questions of an investigator. Only an investigator, as a procedurally independent person, may determine questions to witnesses on a criminal case, he said.

“D.Zhvania put on a performance of one actor in the Prosecutor’s General Office, instead of proving his desire to help the investigation establish truth on the most resonant case. He used his status of lawmaker as a license to neglect legislation, although just a year ago he shouted at every step that the law is one for everybody”, I.Pukshyn said.

In his opinion, this behavior of one of the persons involved in the case on poisoning the presidential contender indicates that he is afraid of revelation of new facts and circumstances. Probably, I.Pukshyn surmised, D.Zhvania deliberately avoids unpleasant for him questions, which will destroy his recent scandalous statements.

“I would remind that he was one of the most persistent organizers of that dinner at Volodymyr Satsiuk’s, after which Victor Yushchenko suddenly fell ill. Consequently, D.Zhvania directly or indirectly “helped” the presidential contender to dinner with poison”, I.Pukshyn noted.

The deputy Chief of Staff is confident that the investigation group will find legal and adequate means to interrogate the key witness.

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