President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko believes that his former close ally, Member of Parliament David Zhvania (OU-PSD faction) was involved in his poisoning.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Victor Yushchenko claimed this to a press conference in Kyiv today.

In particular, answering the question whether in his opinion D.Zhvania was involved in his poisoning, Victor Yushchenko said: “I think yes. Yes is a mild wording – I would like to underline, to keep balance before the law, investigative bodies, and honest-minded people”.

As UNIAN reported earlier, OU-PSD faction lawmaker D.Zhvania claimed that President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko was not poisoned with dioxin. According to him, the results of analyses were counterfeited.

On July 16, the Prosecutor’s General Office invited D.Zhvania through mass media to give evidence on the case of Victor Yushchenko’s poisoning.

According to PGO, D.Zhvania “was present at interrogations only twice (on 15.02.2008 and 20.02.2008), the interrogations were not finished. After that, he did not respond to any of 10 PGO summons, without giving any grounds for his absence”.

On July 23, D.Zhvania left the building of the Prosecutor’s General Office approximately in 10 minutes after he entered there to testify as a witness. According to the lawmaker, he left the interrogation because, in his opinion, investigators began to ask him questions that were clarified for many times already at previous interrogations. He described the interrogation as “a regular act of mockery”, and the format of the interrogation as a “format of schizophrenia”.

The Presidential Secretariat assessed the refusal of David Zhvania to testify on the case of poisoning of Victor Yushchenko as an impudent move violating the criminal-procedural legislation of Ukraina, and surmised that he “directly or indirectly “helped” Yushchenko to dinner with poison”.