Yuri Lutsenko, Interior Minister of Ukraine and leader of People’s Self-Defense civil movement, calls the criminal case brought against David Zhvania “a mere revenge on former friend, sponsor, and ally”.

Yu.Lutsenko claimed this today at a web conference at the People’s Self-Defense site.

At the same time, he noted he will not probe into the case brought on the fact of poisoning presidential contender Victor Yushchenko until the Prosecutor’s General Office finishes the investigation, which has been lasting since Victor Yushchenko was elected as the President of Ukraine.

“The poisoning is the only case about which I do not want to hear neither from D.Zhvania nor from V.Yushchenko until the official investigation is finished by the Prosecutor’s General Office”, the Interior Minister said.

At the same time, Yuri Lutsenko assesses the criminal case brought against D.Zhvania as a political one. “The open interference of the Presidential Secretariat into attempts of criminal persecution of D.Zhvania indicates that instead of the investigation we witness a political campaign and a mere revenge on former friend, sponsor, and ally”, the People’s Self-Defense leader claimed.

“I’m displeased to hear statements of both the sides”, he added, commenting on the confrontation of V.Yushchenko and D.Zhvania.