Signing National Unity Pact has become a political step to the first stage of unification of the Right-bank and Left-bank Ukraine, but more progress in achieving understanding in the society is needed in this process, according to the press-service of the government. Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych expressed this opinion during his visit to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. “These are our first steps, and we clearly understand that Ukraine will be respected in the world only when we will be able to respect each other here in Ukraine, not to be in search of defects and differences but to look for common things and strive for positive” he said.

By the example of Crimea Viktor Yanukovych called upon local authorities to remove radical vectors of influence on inner policy of the Autonomous Republic. “We realized that Crimea will be always strongly and closely connected with Russia. But we must understand that the Ukrainian economy is the economy exceptionally Ukrainian and national interests of Ukraine shall prevail”, Prime Minister disclosed.