Photo from UNIAN

"We started slowly to receive cases from the PGO. I think public pressure plays a big role here. Because earlier the PGO refused to hand over cases, arguing that the NABU director was not a NABU official and so on. The PGO fails to accept the fact that part of its authorities has been transferred to us," Sytnyk said in an interview with Focus magazine.

"Previously, a prosecutor could be arrested only if there was a decision of another prosecutor. And now, there is an agency that has undermined this hegemony. Besides, persons involved in high-profile criminal cases must have a good access to media, since defamatory campaigns are regularly conducted against the NABU," Sytnyk said.

"Given the circumstances I have mentioned earlier, the PGO constantly seeks to blame us for something … but it helps us always be well-toned," the NABU chief said.