Photo from UNIAN

"There are two opposite points of view. One is to build a barbed-wire fence, which is an absolutely destructive way. As a result, we will lose people there and they will be filled with anger at us. The situation may turn the way that we will be subsidizing the aggressor's production facilities when transferring payments to [the population] in the occupied territory," he told Hromadske Radіo.

According to Tuka, the other view is that it is necessary to eliminate all the restrictions. The truth, as always, lies somewhere in between, he added.

He refused to elaborate on whether the resumption of the trade might be a step towards removing the occupation.

"I would not like to comment on this information now. This is one of the stages of the strategic plan I have already mentioned. Yesterday I said it did not exist. Today I've seen it with my eyes. Before disclosing this information, it must be properly presented, it needs to be approved by the president and the National Security and Defense Council. Only after that it can be made public," Tuka said.

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