Ukrainian People’s Party representative Stepan Khmara proposes to introduce “a common practice of bringing criminal cases against foreigners violating the Ukrainian legislation”.

UNIAN was informed about this at the party’s press-service.

S.Khmara is confident that “this method, unlike declaring persona non-grata, may be used as a preventive measure”.

“The practice of declaring foreign citizens, who repeatedly call on to violate the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, as persona non-grata, has not proved its value, because it happens after the violation is already committed, and, moreover, with time, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine cancels restrictions on entry of such persons”, S.Khmara notes. At the same time, understanding that “there must exist a mechanism of protection from propaganda and illegal actions and statements of foreign, first of all, Russian, citizens”, the politician proposes “to stipulate bringing criminal cases against such people for illegal actions or statements, which must automatically ban their entry to Ukraine. In other case – foreign citizens must be detained by Ukrainian law-enforcement agencies”.

According to S.Khmara, this mechanism will work, “because, as a preventive measure, it will render impossible any provocations at the territory of Ukraine”. “Let Yuri Luzhkov or Konstantin Zatulin call on to violate the Ukrainian Constitution in Moscow, but they will know that in case they cross the Ukrainian-Russian border, they will be detained, because a criminal case was brought against them in Ukraine”, S.Khmara pointed out.

“Democratic countries must not be afraid to act in line with the law, and to defend their legal field and citizens from illegal actions of foreign citizens”, he said.

“Everybody who will try to carry out anti-Ukrainian activities at the territory of Ukraine must understand he will be severely punished. If this practice is introduced, any “subversive persons” will loose wish to freely arrive in Ukraine”, S.Khmara is convinced.