One of the project curators, the front-man of a Ukrainian rock-band Antytila and a famous volunteer Taras Topolya, says the aim of the exhibit is not only to popularize contemporary Ukrainian art, but also "to get out true-to-life details about Donbas conflict to the world community," Ukraine Today reported.

"Ukraine Exists" exhibition is comprised of two parts: peace and war. Authors of the project say they have decided to unite the "two realities which Ukraine now lives in".

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Read alsoUkraine Exists - UN opens its doors for an art exhibitionThe "military" part is presented by an installation made up of four screens, where documental video pieces on the tragic events in eastern Ukraine subtitled in English are broadcast.

Civilian, "peaceful" part, is represented by a selection of contemporary Ukrainian visual art pieces such as paintings, graphics, ceramics and posters.

The exhibit will be open to public through May 13-27 with the organisers hoping to tell the world community that really Ukraine exists despite its disappearance from international news headlines.