Poroshenko and Faremo agreed to consider the issue of creating a new UNOPS office / Photo from president.gov.ua

The parties discussed prospects for enhancing assistance by UN organizations in fast restoring vitally important infrastructure in Donbas and ensuring the development of the areas in eastern Ukraine that have suffered from Russian aggression, the press service said.

Particular attention was paid to internally displaced persons' urgent humanitarian needs.

Read alsoPoroshenko does not rule out local elections in occupied Donbas this yearPoroshenko also stressed the importance of Ukraine's access to innovative sources of funding through interaction with institutional donors, charity organizations, international business associations for the implementation of social, economic, environmental and humanitarian projects in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Among the projects mentioned during the meeting were activities to clear minefields, create new jobs for residents in Donbas, develop educational infrastructure, including restoration and modernization of local schools.

What is more, Poroshenko and Faremo agreed to consider the issue of creating a new UNOPS office, which would ensure coordination of UN projects and programs implemented in Ukraine and mobilize and oversee the use of international financial aid, the press service said.

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