Baloha: Ukraine not to stand aside processes in the Southern Caucasus

11:37, 14 August 2008
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Ukrains is also jeopardized

The developments in Georgia need a clear and single response of all power branches of Ukraine, Ukrainian President’s Chief of staff Victor Baloha claims.

He said this in his statement published by “Den” daily (of August 14, #144).

“The tragic developments in Georgia and the blatant military offensive, which killed thousands of people and, contrary to the international law, called in question the territorial integrity of Georgia, send an extremely dangerous challenge to the international community, and, without any doubt, will need a clear centralized response of the Ukrainian state power, as well as an accorded and solidary position of Ukraine’s leading political forces.

The military operations near the Ukrainian borders, a mass inflow of refugees fleeing from Georgia, the blockade and damage of the regional economical and transport infrastructure in the Georgian territory, together with a well-coordinated informational campaign, within frames of which people, far from hotheads, make attempts to discredit the stance of our country, indicate the extremely dangerous character of the situation.

The threats, deriving from this situation, are directly connected with Ukraine. “There is no place for emotions. At the same time, there is no place for thoughtless watching over any anti-state activity or inactivity, statements and steps that may escalate tension inside our country. Thus, the response of the state will be immediate and unambiguous”, V.Baloha said.

“Ukraine welcomed and positively assessed the cease-fire in Georgia. We support, and, as President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko stressed, we have intent to as actively as possible assist the implementation of the international plan of peaceful regulation, which must properly take into account the interests of all sides involved, and must become a basis for a normal development of the situation in favor of suffered people and the territorial integrity of Georgia.

“With his visit to Georgia, the Ukrainian Head of State confirmed the fact that Ukraine will not stand aside processes in the Southern Caucasus, but will actively and constructively work to guarantee peace ad democracy in the region, with providing all services to settle the situation and defend the integrity and sovereignty of Georgia”, V.Baloha said.

Over the last decade, Ukraine has advanced in the sphere of the Euro-Atlantic integration. This process is not aimed against any third party, but pursues only one goal – to join an efficient collective security system in Europe, which is the only that can really guarantee the independence, sovereignty and inviolability of all its democratic member countries, V.Baloha stressed.

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